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Monday, August 19, 2013

bringin' it all back home

OK. I'm back. It's only been a couple of years, a change in work situation, numerous projects, and one ruptured (and repaired) cerebral aneurysm later, I'm re-launching this blog, REASON INVERTED, in place of pfarrellartblog, which I will officially put out to pasture as soon as I figure out how. 

I was inspired to relaunch the blog when my copy of Color: How to Use It by Marci Cooperman (published by Pearson, 2014) arrived in the mail. 

Color Theory textbook art design school

A few summers ago, Marci contacted me after seeing some of my work on my website and asked me if I was interested in participating in a project she was working on: a textbook on color for art and design students. Of course I was. 

Marci teaches a Color Theory class at Parsons: The New School for Design in the Graphic Design Department, as well a numerous courses in marketing. Next spring she is offering a Color Theory workshop in Cape May. As she says: "Nothing wrong with a few days in a gorgeous place, where students can stay at a Victorian B&B and learn about color."

Here is some of my work included in Color:

Lacuna 3 encaustic on panel 24 x 24 2007

Lacuna 7 encaustic on panel 24 x 24 2007

Thank you Marci, for including my work in your beautiful book!


  1. These are great, Pam! Glad you are back on the scene!

  2. Thanks Nancy, thanks Rocky!
    Glad to be back.

  3. love those two pieces Pam - congratulations!!!!

  4. Congrats on the relaunch! The paintings look great, as does the color project.

  5. Beautiful work, Pam. Welcome back to blogging.

  6. Thanks for your comments, all. Hatching new ideas for posts...next up: something about the digital photo-based work.